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Astrox Products

Astrox Corporation specializes in the total vehicle design and analysis of high powered, high speed systems such as supersonic missiles, hypersonic aircraft, and hypersonic and rocket launch vehicles. The system analysis calculations are done in a completely integrated fashion (propulsion-airframe-massproperties-aero- gravlass-heating-volumes, etc). The Astrox codes facilitate the even comparison of widely different vehicle systems using the same methods and considerations.
  • SIDE (System Integrated Design Environment) is the core building block of each product.

  • Further additions and enhancements have resulted in the complete SIDE enterprise which includes HySIDE, SuperSIDE, and SpaceSIDE.

  • HAVDAC (non-GUI standalone software) and HADO are the elements that were added to provide the ability to design hypersonic vehicle components and systems.

  • SIDE Impact (MS-Access Database)

These codes contain components to design rocket, hypersonic and supersonic vehicles, calculate performance over the complete mission trajectory, and then fly the vehicles over the mission trajectory. A closure model uses the trajectory results to size the vehicle until it can contain sufficient fuel to complete the mission thus satisfying the volume requirements. The SIDE based codes are object oriented which adds great flexibility. Setting up a new system analysis requires just a few days and, once a particular vehicle system is set up, the system calculations are done in less than ten minutes. The Astrox codes are well suited to performing technology assessment studies where the system impact of a component variation needs to be determined across different vehicle categories.



For more information on any of these products, please contact us at 301-948-4646.

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