We are a small business, minority owned (SDB) corporation located in Maryland, United States of America, involved  chiefly  in Research and Development activities in Aerospace and Computer fields.   Astrox has been performing advanced technical research contracts since 1987 and has developed a firm background in many areas of aerospace industry.  

Past achievements have included development of innovative design approaches for Hypersonic Air-breathing (RBCC) SSTO and TSTO vehicles, Trans-Atmospheric vehicles, Rocket engines and Rocket systems, and Hypersonic and Supersonic Missiles. Of particular mention are the fifteen years of experience in the development of inward turning inlet methodology and analysis for which Astrox Corporation holds a patent. Computer software projects include System Integrated Design Environment (SIDE) development, Object Oriented Programming, Computational Fluid Dynamics, computational optimization of hypersonic leading edges and many others. In addition, Astrox employees have made advances in hypersonic wave-rider technology. The application of SIDE has resulted in our suite of system design tools: HySIDE, SuperSIDE and SpaceSIDE.