SuperSIDE (Supersonic SIDE) is an extension of HySIDE, and will be used for creating supersonic aircraft and missiles. It is currently in the process of being built, and will be an excellent tool for system building. User will be provided basic components which can be put together to form larger systems. User will also have similar ability to create new components from scratch and mix them with existing components and systems. 

What’s in SuperSIDE?

Built-in Parametric Designs for:

  • Supersonic Inlets
  • Subsonic ducts
  • Turbine Engines and Nozzles
  • Supersonic Aircraft
  • Supersonic Missiles
  • Related Components

Key Features of SuperSIDE:

  • Systems are registered and stored in their directories
  • Variety of Geometries can be created such as 2D, Inward, Outward and combinations
  • Designed using different Radial Deviation Parameters (RDP)
  • Geometries are available for further detailed CFD analysis if needed
  • Important Capability of SuperSIDE is that the vehicles can be sized until “closed”
  • Method of Characteristics Inlets and Nozzles
  • Supersonic Inlets and Subsonic Ducts also available
  • Illingworth with Reference Enthalpy Method
  • Heat balanced
  • Choice of fuels
  • Vehicle and wings sized
  • Propellant Usage components
  • H2 and six HC fuels available (more can be added)
  • Missile Datcom used for Aero Losses
  • Accel and Cruise Trajectory components
  • Landing performance