SIDE Impact

SIDE-Impact is a database file created in MS Access. This database is a powerful tool for performing quick, reliable forecasts of the new vehicle empty weight, wetted area, growth factor, and gross weight due to the technology impact on the component unit weights of the baseline vehicle solution. The tool uses a parameterization of over 150 HySIDE vehicle closures (approx 600 HySIDE solutions). The tool is intended as a rapid way to estimate the vehicle level impact of technology. Once regions of interest are identified using the database, a full HySIDE solution could be obtained for these points. The data for the scaled vehicle is very consistent with the higher fidelity HySIDE solutions for total empty weight percentage changes from -15% to +15%.

The baseline technologies used in the simulation of air-breather vehicle systems and rocket vehicle systems are described.

 Sample Design and Its Growth Factor Chart Below: