With the new vision and mandate for NASA of Lunar and Mars exploration in the relatively near future, it has become imperative to develop more comprehensive software that would allow a “system-of-systems” analysis of space vehicles. SpaceSIDE will include rocket systems for Earth-to-orbit, in-space propulsion, electro-magnetic and nuclear propulsion options, and later, Lunar and Martian base designs. The SpaceSIDE (Space SIDE), created by the ASTROX Corporation, is an excellent tool for system building. User is provided basic components which can be put together to form larger systems. User also has the ability to create new components from scratch and mix them with existing components and systems. 

What’s in SpaceSIDE?

 Built-in Parametric Designs for:

  • Rockets
  • Electrical Propulsion
  • Nuclear Propulsion
  • Selected Air-breathing RLV’s
  • Related Components

Key Features of SpaceSIDE:

  • It can build ANY system such as SSTO, TSTO, 3STO with ANY combination of air-breathing, rocket, nuclear, or electric sub-systems
  • Systems are then registered and stored in their directories e.g. SSTODir, TSTODir, RocketDir, InSpaceDir, LunarDir, MarsDir etc.
  • Geometries are available for further detailed CFD analysis if needed
  • Important Capability of SpaceSIDE is that the rocket and other vehicles can be sized until “closed”
  • Heat balanced
  • Choice of fuels
  • Vehicle and wings sized
  • Modular - 17 Dynamic Linked Libraries (DLL’s), over 200 subroutines
  • Rocket Systems (over 21 different commercially available and research rockets included)
  • Previous Nozzle, External Surface, Wings and new Ogive+cylinder components used to create rocket geometry
  • Combustion Chamber components
  • Propulsion components for rocket engines, nuclear and electric propulsion, and air-breathing engines
  • Propellant Usage components
  • Interplanetary Trajectory components
  • Re-entry performance